What Is It About Twitter?

What Is It About Twitter?

The first time my friend asked me if I knew what Twitter was I told him it was probably a ‘twit’ who ‘twitted’. He told me I was not far from the truth. Once he explained some of it to me I thought maybe it was not such a bad idea. After all, MySpace and Facebook took off at warp nine far beyond the moon.

 Upon further study I learned more about Twitter followers and finally came to the conclusion that it was much ado about nothing. However, soon I began to see that all over the TV shows everyone was ‘Twittering’. It had become a fad or craze like the hula-hoop or the twist.

 I could find no value in the tweeting that was going on. Why would Twitter followers tweet about what they had for breakfast, the last time they barfed, or what color their underwear was. People seemed to want to tweet about any sort of nonsense they could dream up. I really believed this was going to pass once the newness wore off.

 After deeper study and reflection (driven by why so many celebrities and sports stars were loving it) I concluded maybe it was just ‘me’ who didn’t get it. Evidently there was some value that simply escaped me.

 I spend quite a bit of time online so I also began to read about how powerful Twitter was for advertising. I read that some advertising enthusiasts would even buy Twitter followers. This seemed very plausible to me. I could see how getting enough followers (just like Facebook) could give you an audience to peddle your goods to. I still felt like I really was missing the point somewhere and my mind would just not let go. I thought about it all the time. I was becoming obsessed with it.

 I decided I should take the plunge and try Tweeting. I signed up and started following some people and put my investigative mind to work. Before I knew it I began to get some followers of my own. I dabbled with a little website about birds and soon had followers who were interested in birds too.

 I had recently met a wonderful girl and we had become very close. We had discussed Twitter but she knew nothing about it. I took what I had learned and explained it to her. Then the lid blew off. She was very enthusiastic and was ready to start Tweeting to me EVERY DAY. So we were all in. The idea of being able to reach me anytime with any thought she had was thrilling to her.

 Finally I got it. Tweeting is that little “Oh yeah honey” or “Did you hear?” or “He said this” or “She went there”. Aside from its marketing value it was a short way of walking down the street with a friend even when you weren’t there. It’s a “By the way” thing. Things you might otherwise forget can be captured in a moment with a Tweet.

 Since then I have learned it is useful for getting out opinions (if you are someone that people will listen to), political views, taking pot-shots, apologizing, and much much more. I now understand why marketers would buy Twitter followers. But what really sold me on Twitter was the first time I got that “Love you honey. Miss you. See you later”. I had not only been “Tweeted”, but I was “Twitter-pated”.

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